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The Toronto head office of the iconic “visual idea engine” Pinterest, understandably had high expectations when it came to the interior of their space. This tech giant brings a new platform and expression to the term “office”. When delivering this new home to the client, the complete team on this project did not disappoint. From the creative minds behind the design ideas, to the dedicated construction team and to Guide’s apt design assist approach and execution, it was the perfect combo for success.  This is one of the most imaginative, complex and fabulous ventures all rolled into one.  A challenging and intricate project for all involved, but well worth the effort as the final outcome is a stunning and unique space.  From the calming glamping area to the hidden speakeasy room in the library, from the gaming room to open concept café and Barista Bar – every detail and design carefully considered. Truly one of the most impressive and original office spaces to date and we are overly proud to have been part of this achievement.

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